Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moving On

Tuesday, August 28th

Today is Noah's 11 month birthday.

It's also the day Greg had his apero for SouSoS ...

and the day we finalized our packing: Bags to go back to the US for friends Laurie and Dottie to store at their house and bags to go to Africa with us on Thursday.

We also have bags of stuff to go down on the sidewalk with a big "Free" sign (streetside recylcing), bags of stuff for Laurie and Dottie and bags of stuff for our neighbor Marta.

To say nothing of all the bags of garbage. And plastic and wine bottle recycling.

The nerve wracking "handover" of the apartment occurs tomorrow morning at 11. That's when Mr Milicev, head of ETH housing, comes in and tells us that 3 weeks of cleaning just isn't good enough.

Then we check into an airport hotel.

And then we fly to Africa to our next adventure.

I'll keep you posted whenever internet availability allows me to do so.

In the meantime, love to all!

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